About Us

Our mission

Parthea was envisioned to redefine fashion for young women—affordable, trend-forward, and rooted in sustainability. As the founder of Parthea, PING said :"I aspired to create more than just a clothing brand; I aimed to provide an inclusive space where uniqueness thrives".

Our designs, marked by bold aesthetics and meticulous tailoring, empower women to express their individuality and embrace their inherent beauty. Beyond trends, Parthea is a movement—a celebration of confidence and a journey of self-discovery.


At Parthea, sustainability is ingrained in our DNA. We are committed to offering conscious fashion choices without compromising on style or affordability.

Our garments are crafted with eco-friendly materials and ethical practices, ensuring every purchase aligns with values of environmental responsibility.

Choosing Parthea lets you define who you are.

Parthea isn't merely a brand; it's a commitment to fostering a community that resonates with conscious consumers, inspiring them to make fashion choices that reflect both style and values.

Join us on this journey, where sustainability meets style, and every purchase tells a story of empowerment and conscientious living.